In this post, Off the Maine Road will certainly live up to its name. This town is located a little “off the beaten track,” but it’s worth the visit if you have some time to spare.

Naples is located in the Sebago Lakes region, which is about an hour northwest of Portland. It’s in the middle of Long Lake (which is rather long, hence its name) and Brandy Pond. Local businesses revolve around the lake, and there are many activities you can do for leisure. Sebago Kayak Company is one-stop shopping when it comes to kayak, paddle board and other small craft rentals.

On the lodging front, the Lakeview Inn (also known as the Inn at Long Lake) has some newly renovated rooms Other bead and breakfasts include the Augustus Bove House and the Lambs Mill Inn.

Of course, no Off the Maine Road post would be complete without any mention of dining or food. My personal favorite restaurant in Naples is the Freedom Cafe and Pub. Although only open during the summer/spring months, it has a family atmosphere and serves some pretty good treats. It’s located right on the causeway, just across from the Lakeview Inn.  After having dinner, why not go for some ice cream at Causeway Dairy Bar? Some other picks to eat are the Black Bear Cafe, Merced’s on Brandy Pond, and the Lobster Pound. They’re all located on Roosevelt Trail (aka Route 302), which is the main road that passes through Naples.

Outside the Freedom Cafe and Publick House in Naples.

Outside the Freedom Cafe and Publick House in Naples.

Finally, Steamboat Landing maybe right up your “alley” when it comes to mini-golf.

While not as famous as Naples, Florida or Naples, Italy, Naples, Maine certainly has that Maine feel and a lot to offer!