Inspired by two friends who live in this beautiful state and a free long weekend, I decided to share my love and yearning to be back up North in a series of posts showcasing places that are “off the Maine road”. You can expect to read stories of everything from the best Maine treats, to the most picturesque hiking spots. These will of course be supplemented by my collection of photos taken over the past seven summers.

A little background info about myself: I currently live in New York. I’ve spent the past 7 summers both attending a summer camp in Maine and exploring the places in Maine, from the mountains to the coastline. Through these trips, I believe I have gained a comprehensive view of various locations in Maine, from Acadia to Wells, and everywhere in between. I have sampled Maine treats from the infamous Sea Dog Biscuit to Stonewall Kitchen’s Wild Blueberry Jam. This blog is a place for me to share my experiences, and for you to (maybe) savor these foods and visit these places yourself.

I do not endorse any of the products, services or businesses mentioned in this blog.

A word about the photos on this blog:

Whenever possible, I try to use photos that I have taken, or that our Maine correspondents or readers have taken. However, there are some circumstances in which photos must be obtained from outside sources. In these cases, the sources are given full credit.