New Beginnings at Kittery

Hello again! Happy New Year!

Off the Maine Road has been on vacation for the past two weeks, but we’re ready to bring you more exciting posts!

In the spirit of the New Year, I thought I would devote this post to talk about Kittery. When one crosses the border from Portsmouth, New Hampshire into Maine, the first place that they see of I-95 is Kittery. It’s a new beginning in one’s pilgrimage to Vacationland. Indeed, Kittery is the first blast of Maine goodness one gets when entering from the South. It’s a small town that if you’re in the mood for a detour (or a bathroom break!), it’s worth the visit. Beaches, cobblestone streets and a lighthouse are what makes this town “The Gateway to Maine”. Two of the best spots there are the Kittery Trading Post (in order to get stocked up on all your outdoor equipment) and Robert’s Maine Grill, if you need to get that first bite of lobstah in preparation for many more.

Although not in Kittery but just outside, Flo’s Hot Dogs are a must(ard)-eat (see what I did there?). It definitely has a real cult following, and is only open during lunch hours. Its house-made relish is available in various locations across the state.

(Tip of the hat to Barbara N.)


The “Welcome to Maine” sign on I-95 around Kittery. Photo taken from Flickr and used with permission.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope to get back into the swing of things and start digging deeper into the Pine Tree State’s must-visit places. Please remember that any suggestions are welcome, so please fill out the form on the “Contact” page!

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