Every society needs some type of ground rules,  so I have created the 10 Commandments of Being a Mainer.

(Did I mention that I like lists?)

  1. Thou must take a spiritual pilgrimage to Acadia National Park to see the sun rise.
  2. Thou must consume a Sea Dog biscuit at least once in thy life.
  3. Thou must own at least one L.L. Bean product in thy house.
  4. Thou must consider lobster as a Maine staple.
  5. Thou must gather wild blueberries in Maine’s northern woods at least once in thy life.
  6. Thou must climb Mount Katahdin at least once in thy life.
  7. Thou must be enthralled in the beauty of the Maine loon.
  8. Thou must have at least one sighting of moose.
  9. Thou must savor the delicious taste of Maine clam chowder.
  10. Thou must find beauty among the harshest of Maine winters.