(Just to be clear, the title is supposed to be the opposite of constructive analysis, but since we’re breaking down the product, I decided to make it destructive. Do not think I am trashing this lovely and delicious treat.)

The Sea Dog Biscuit is an integral part of Maine cuisine, and directly derives its name from the Portland Sea Dogs, Maine’s MiLB baseball team. The product is rather exclusive – aside from being sold at the Sea Dogs’ home stadium Hadlock Field, it is only available in a handful of other locations, including the Ice Cream Dugout. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the structure of this treat, I have set aside the next few words to explain it to you. It is very similar to a chipwich, just wrapped in signature Sea Dogs packaging. The outer layers are a chocolate-chip-cookie-type-biscuit confection, which in my opinion, is the most delicious part of the package. If you have a few Sea Dog biscuits to spare, I recommend you eat the cookie outer “shell” on its own one time.

The inside is filled with Shain’s of Maine premium vanilla ice cream, which is rather self-explanatory. If you like the filling, I suggest you sample some of their other flavors at their retail locations.

I really don’t know why I spent the last 212 words talking about what on the surface seems like such a simple product. Here at Off the Maine Road, we’re all about taking the simple and breaking it down in further detail. If Maine was that simple, this blog wouldn’t exist today.