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A View of Maine from Above!

I want to makeĀ Off the Maine Road an interactive experience so you, as the readers, can experience Maine from different viewpoints and angles.

Today’s mini-post comes from 23,400 feet above sea level, in a Boeing 777. It’s a photo I took two days ago of the Southern Maine coastline, still somewhat covered in snow. I was able to recognize some “landmarks,” including:

  • Portland, the Old Port, and the Back Bay
  • Portland International Jetport
  • Sebago Lake and its surrounding lakes
  • Cousins Island
  • Falmouth and Yarmouth
  • Mackworth Island

I created an interactive picture, in which you can click on some of the places (marked by dots) and find some cool links related to the location. Hope you enjoy it!

Maine, One Coffee Roaster at a Time: New York Times Feature

From time to time, I will post Maine references from other websites and news sources. Today’s edition of the New York Times featured this fantastic piece about coffee shops in Maine. They’re all great, so next time you’re in anywhere from Rockland to Bar Harbor, start your morning off right!

Click on the link to view the article:


(Tip of the hat to Ira F.)


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